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The Alternative Payment Program (CAPP)/CalWORKs Stage 2 Program

The Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) & Stage 2 program administers subsidized child care through a vendor approach, providing full or partial payments for child care of eligible families.  These programs are designed to maximize parental choice in selecting child care.


Families have the choice to select child care services from:

  • Licensed Centers

  • Licensed Family Child Care Home

  • Licensed-Exempt Providers


Enrollment/Do I qualify?

 There are different ways to look at eligibility for either the Alternative Payment Program or CalWORKs Stage 2.

  1. Age eligibility: Children who are between birth and twelve years of age are eligible for our program.

  2. Income eligibility: All applicants must meet the State income guidelines

  3. Need eligibility: Parents must be working, attending a vocational training or in school, incapacitated and/or seeking employment. Documentation is required for all need requirements.

  4. CalWORKs Stage 2 Program is limited to those families who are in receipt of or have received CalWORKs cash assistance within the last twenty-four (24) months.


To apply for our program, please click Apply for Services.

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